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Found Pet Tips

  1. Approach pet with caution. Pay attention to the pet's body language to be sure pet is safe to approach.

  2. Check for injuries. If pet is injured, take to nearest veterinarian.

  3. Check pet for tags. If pet only has collar, look at collar inside and out to check for any possible written names/numbers.

  4. Ask neighboring houses to the area pet was found.

  5. Take to veterinary office or shelter to check for microchip.

  6. Notify shelter/rescue in the area the pet was found.

  7. Post online: and on Facebook. If pet has collar, be sure to color it out of picture or take it off before posting picture. Owner should be able to identify collar color and have proof of ownership.

  8. Hang flyers in the area the pet was found.

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  1. Search area. 

  2. Ask neighbors/mail carriers/etc to keep an eye out.

  3. Leave something with your scent outside (dirty laundry works wonderfully. If it's your cat leave out the litter box.) Be sure to leave out food and water!!!!

  4. Report pet missing through local shelters/rescues/veterinarians,, on social media, and contact your microchip company if your pet is chipped.

  5. Post flyers and even yard signs where allowed.

  6. Be patient! Do not give up!!

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