Furever Home Stories

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Adopted: 8/22/2020


Pet's Old Name: Mama Mia

Pet's New Name: Mia

A few words about your furry: Don’t tell me you can’t get an amazing , loving dog from a shelter !!!!!!! Mia has had a hard life and anyone would understand if she was mean or vicious but she is the most loving , protective , playful and amazing dog you could ever imagine ! She is the best cuddle partner you could ever want ! She was left for dead twice , the last time with a litter of puppies to take care of as well as try to take care of herself , left in a yard with grass grown up as tall as me , almost ran over and killed , she lived 3 years in a shelter , people would adopt her and bring her right back ( we can’t understand that either ) she is NOT mean , she loves kids , she doesn’t bite , she’s house trained ! I will always believe in my ❤️ God had a plan for her and He knew where her forever home was supposed to be , you see Brian lost his pit Jada on Easter 2 years ago , he’s been lost without her ever since and I will always believe God meant for Mia to be with Brian and knew they needed each other , she has been such a blessing to us and especially to Brian ! The moral of my story is PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE #adoptdontshop! Go to your nearest shelter before u decide to buy a dog from a breeder , they are looking for someone to love and take care of them ! Thank you to Brandi Harrell & Friends of Animals Shelter in Lynchburg for our amazing baby girl ! We can’t imagine life without her , she brings us so much joy! We will forever be grateful!


Adopted: 5/24/21


Pet's Old Name: Violet

Pet's New Name: Violet

A few words about your furry: Violet is doing great! She's a bundle of sweetness and pure energy. She's incredibly vocal and affectionate and has cozily fit into her new life and home. She's definitely filled out to become one of the prettiest black cats I've ever laid eyes on. Her coats taken on a lot, of grey and brownish red, not to mention how soft it is. She's got a very goofy but intelligent personality and honestly I couldn't be happier with how she's turned out. I'm absolutely ok with you posting about her and the pics included. Thank you for all you and your volunteers do, you guys definitely give these animals tons of love and care. 


Adopted: 7/5/21


Pet's Old Name: Asher

Pet's New Name: Moose

A few words about your furry: 

We adopted Moose (formerly named)"Asher" on July 5th 2021. Ever since then he has been settling in great at our home in Knoxville. He loves watching all the wildlife on our property including squirrels, birds, deer, skunks, and bunnies! He is learning all sorts of new tricks and has mastered sit, off, down, and shake thus far.

Although he is still skittish with strangers, especially men, he has warmed to many of our friends and family. He is also working on socialization with other dogs but has been a few friends at the dog park!

Most importantly, he has learned to love being inside and spoiled with treats and warm beds. He plays with his feline brother, PJ and we hope to find them napping together soon (he also loves sleeping in his brother's bed even though it is much too small for him). 

We love our Moose and are so happy he has joined our family!

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Adopted: 7/19/21


Pet's Old Name: Sparky

Pet's New Name: Sparky

A few words about your furry: 

Sparky is a very happy, sweet, lovable dog. He has the best personality, and loves to be anywhere close to us. He likes to lay his head in your lap, and of course loves belly rubs. He doesn’t really enjoy getting a bath, but will give in to being washed. He likes to greet you when you’ve been gone for a little while, and usually will meet you at your car. From the first day we brought him home, he wants to please you, and doesn’t like to for you to fuss at him. He is getting use to his crate and will often go get in it without us. I really think he adopted us instead of us adopting him. Sparky is so sweet and just wants to be loved and so full of energy. He does like to howl every so often, and it’s absolutely hilarious. He is like a child sometimes talking back to you if he doesn’t get his way. I’m so glad we found him. 

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Adopted: 6/9/21


Pet's Old Name: Bella

Pet's New Name: Piper

A few words about your furry: 

Piper (aka Bella) has been an absolute joy in our lives. She has the sweetest soul and loves her snuggles and tummy rubs. She loves on every single person she meets but most importantly, loves on our little son Conan! We had our son two weeks after we adopted Piper and she has been an absolute gentle Angel to him— they’re two peas in a pod and they just love each other! I don’t know what we would do without Piper in our lives. Thank you, Friends of Animals!

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