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Furever Home Stories

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Adopted: 8/22/2020


Pet's Old Name: Mama Mia

Pet's New Name: Mia

A few words about your furry: Don’t tell me you can’t get an amazing , loving dog from a shelter !!!!!!! Mia has had a hard life and anyone would understand if she was mean or vicious but she is the most loving , protective , playful and amazing dog you could ever imagine ! She is the best cuddle partner you could ever want ! She was left for dead twice , the last time with a litter of puppies to take care of as well as try to take care of herself , left in a yard with grass grown up as tall as me , almost ran over and killed , she lived 3 years in a shelter , people would adopt her and bring her right back ( we can’t understand that either ) she is NOT mean , she loves kids , she doesn’t bite , she’s house trained ! I will always believe in my ❤️ God had a plan for her and He knew where her forever home was supposed to be , you see Brian lost his pit Jada on Easter 2 years ago , he’s been lost without her ever since and I will always believe God meant for Mia to be with Brian and knew they needed each other , she has been such a blessing to us and especially to Brian ! The moral of my story is PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE #adoptdontshop! Go to your nearest shelter before u decide to buy a dog from a breeder , they are looking for someone to love and take care of them ! Thank you to Brandi Harrell & Friends of Animals Shelter in Lynchburg for our amazing baby girl ! We can’t imagine life without her , she brings us so much joy! We will forever be grateful!


Adopted: 5/24/21


Pet's Old Name: Violet

Pet's New Name: Violet

A few words about your furry: Violet is doing great! She's a bundle of sweetness and pure energy. She's incredibly vocal and affectionate and has cozily fit into her new life and home. She's definitely filled out to become one of the prettiest black cats I've ever laid eyes on. Her coats taken on a lot, of grey and brownish red, not to mention how soft it is. She's got a very goofy but intelligent personality and honestly I couldn't be happier with how she's turned out. I'm absolutely ok with you posting about her and the pics included. Thank you for all you and your volunteers do, you guys definitely give these animals tons of love and care. 


Adopted: 7/5/21


Pet's Old Name: Asher

Pet's New Name: Moose

A few words about your furry: 

We adopted Moose (formerly named)"Asher" on July 5th 2021. Ever since then he has been settling in great at our home in Knoxville. He loves watching all the wildlife on our property including squirrels, birds, deer, skunks, and bunnies! He is learning all sorts of new tricks and has mastered sit, off, down, and shake thus far.

Although he is still skittish with strangers, especially men, he has warmed to many of our friends and family. He is also working on socialization with other dogs but has been a few friends at the dog park!

Most importantly, he has learned to love being inside and spoiled with treats and warm beds. He plays with his feline brother, PJ and we hope to find them napping together soon (he also loves sleeping in his brother's bed even though it is much too small for him). 

We love our Moose and are so happy he has joined our family!

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Adopted: 7/19/21


Pet's Old Name: Sparky

Pet's New Name: Sparky

A few words about your furry: 

Sparky is a very happy, sweet, lovable dog. He has the best personality, and loves to be anywhere close to us. He likes to lay his head in your lap, and of course loves belly rubs. He doesn’t really enjoy getting a bath, but will give in to being washed. He likes to greet you when you’ve been gone for a little while, and usually will meet you at your car. From the first day we brought him home, he wants to please you, and doesn’t like to for you to fuss at him. He is getting use to his crate and will often go get in it without us. I really think he adopted us instead of us adopting him. Sparky is so sweet and just wants to be loved and so full of energy. He does like to howl every so often, and it’s absolutely hilarious. He is like a child sometimes talking back to you if he doesn’t get his way. I’m so glad we found him. 

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Adopted: 6/9/21


Pet's Old Name: Bella

Pet's New Name: Piper

A few words about your furry: 

Piper (aka Bella) has been an absolute joy in our lives. She has the sweetest soul and loves her snuggles and tummy rubs. She loves on every single person she meets but most importantly, loves on our little son Conan! We had our son two weeks after we adopted Piper and she has been an absolute gentle Angel to him— they’re two peas in a pod and they just love each other! I don’t know what we would do without Piper in our lives. Thank you, Friends of Animals!

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Adopted: 03/2020

Pet's Old Name: Pallo

Pet's New Name: Pallo

A few words about your furry: 

When we adopted Pallo he was very unsure and untrusting. It took him time to warm up to Rigs (his new running partner). He worked thru some back trouble but now he is wide open and is always ready to ride in the side by side. The rest of his time is spend playing with Rigs or sleeping.



Adopted: 12/8/2021

Pet's Old Name: Grizzy

Pet's New Name: Rey

A few words about your furry: 

Hi! I'm Jenna, Rey's mama. She was formerly named Grizzy but I wanted to name her after one of my favorite star wars characters and she definitely lives up to the name! Rey loves adventure and observing everything going on in the house. She is a super chatty girl especially when she wakes up full of energy. We have formed such a close bond and she loves to be in the same room with me at all times. Everyone who meets her says she is the prettiest kitty they've ever seen! Rey's favorite toy is her little fuzzy rattle mice, which we call her mousey :) she LOVES to play fetch with these and will walk around with them in her mouth all the time! She also loves to perch on her window hammock and drink from the faucet. Rey is my little baby and my life is so much better with her!



Adopted: 1/12/22

Pet's Old Name: Wenda

Pet's New Name: Wenda

A few words about your furry: 


We recently adopted Wenda and it has been incredible to watch her go from uneasy to such a happy, loving dog. She has been a perfect addition to our family, and she does great with our 3 year old. She loves to cuddle and thinks she is much smaller than she is. We couldn’t be more thankful for her. 



Adopted: 1/29/22

Pet's Old Name: Nova

Pet's New Name: Nova

A few words about your furry: 

Nova has been a big ball of energy since they day I got her! She adjusted very well to her new home and was very easy to train. She has been nothing but sweet and loving to everyone she meets. She loves toys (especially ones she can tear up) and belly rubs. She is a big baby and thinks she is a lap dog. She loves going on walks and meeting other dogs. Nova has been so happy and entertaining, and I absolutely love her!!



Adopted: 5/19/22

Pet's Old Name: Felix

Pet's New Name: Felix

A few words about your furry: 

I had recently lost one of my cats and going through a rough time missing him when I  saw on Facebook a message about adopting kittens/cats.  I probably looked at at least 100 cats ( some 2 or 3 times) online.  I  wanted them all but I was limited to one.  My senior cat that I had was crying every day for her brother that had passed and it broke my heart. One day I came across another post from Friends of Animals Rescue in Lynchburg showcasing a black cat that had been there for over a year. I thought about it and messaged the shelter that I wanted him.  We scheduled a meeting time and I brought my cat carrier to bring home my new child! Three black cats met us at the door and I thought one had to be mine. Noo! He was in a sleeping box and didn't want out. He was not given a choice. He was going home with me. I was told that I should give him some time to get used to a new environment and other animals. I have a boxer, Bentley and a Shi-tzu mix, Bella, and cat, Chevy. If he didn't acclimate in 3 weeks I could bring him back. Long story short Felix was in my lap the second day! The rest is a love story. He has a cat tree, a window seat, a water fountain, all the toys I can get from Amazon and the most love I can give him. Thanks to the Friends of Animals Rescue of Lynchburg! Adopt don't buy!  

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Adopted: 6/18/22

Pet's Old Name: Chip

Pet's New Name: Victor 

A few words about your furry: 

Chip is now known as Victor, as he resembles the dog on the old 1898 Victrola advertisement. He has loads of personality, and energy, and is excellent with  other dogs and cats. I’ve adopted three dogs and one cat from Friends of Animals. They are all a joy. Victor came home June 18, 2022. There is always a bit of adjustment, but it didn’t take him long to fit right in with the other critters. It’s fun to see animals interact and play with each other. Animals are a big responsibility. They require care, love, and sometimes patience. If you bring a puppy home, be prepared for some damage. Puppies chew, and you can’t always control what they chew. It pays to keep plenty of chewable toys available for them all the time. Put your sandals and shoes on a high shelf if you want to keep them intact. If you have some old pairs of socks, they make good play toys for dogs and cats. Also, be aware that animals are a financial responsibility, and require some work and effort on your part. They require feeding, veterinary care, cleaning, and litter if you have indoor cats. Pets are not something you own, they are your friends. You should enjoy and love them, and they should enjoy and love you.  (Reciprocation is not always guaranteed with cats.) They should be kept comfortable, and loved. No animal should be mistreated in any way. There are always great dogs and cats at Friends of Animals, and they all deserve a great home. They are well cared for, but nothing is like a real home and a real family. Hopefully, you can bring one home with you.

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Timone, AKA Fool

Adopted: 7/22/22

Pet's Old Name: Timone

Pet's New Name: Timone, Fool

A few words about your furry: 

Timone is doing good. We gave him the nickname fool. He likes water and has two friends: a dog named Diesel and a cat named Diesel.

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Adopted: 9/2/22

Pet's Old Name: Tandy

Pet's New Name: Tandy

A few words about your furry: 

In August I made the best decision to adopt my best friend. From the moment I walked in the room and made contact with her I knew I was taking her home. Tandy has become a huge part of my life. She is the sweetest cat with a big attitude! Tandy is my emotional support cat. I suffer from anxiety disorder, Tandy had helped me so much over these past few months. Just a purr or gentle touch from her makes me feel better on any day. I love her so much. Tandy likes to run and play around 2AM when I’m sleeping. She roams and gets into things. Lol. She loves to walk beside and follow me throughout the house. I work from home, so she gets a little jealous that I have 8 hours that don’t belong to her, but she does get her time in trust me. Lol. Tandy likes soft fuzzy balls that she can pick up and throw easy with her paws. She loves to sit in the window in our living room  and watch the birds and squirrels. She has toys all over the house like a little kid. She also loves to get her rest too. We nap and sleep together. That is until she roams in the middle of the night playing around the house. She’s very curious about things and does get into a little trouble! She’s my baby. Tandy is 8 months old now and getting bigger by the days. Thank you Moore County Friends of Animals for allowing me to adopt my best friend Tandy. The absolute love of my life. 



Adopted: 7/8/20

Pet's Old Name: June

Pet's New Name: June, Junebug

A few words about your furry: 

We adopted June in July,2020 and she is a wonderful dog. She is a funny dog and everyone's favorite. Her favorite thing to do is get on top of the truck to get on the roof of the house. She has a big sister named Lilly and baby brother named Bo. She loves living the farm life with our cows. She even had a cow friend. We love June so so much and are glad we got her.

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Adopted: 12/9/22

Pet's Old Name: Arlo

Pet's New Name: Arlo

A few words about your furry: 

We took our cats to Lynchburg Vet for their check ups. When we went in we saw Arlo in a cat cage. He was up for adoption. He was so precious!! I wanted him instantly! My husband on the other hand wasn't too I already had 4 rescues at home! However, our older cat had to have oral surgery, so I told my husband when he dropped him off to bring Arlo home on a trial basis. I contacted friends of animals and they informed me I could keep him as long as I wanted until I decided if I wanted to keep him. I found out how he got to the rescue.  I felt so bad for him and his siblings.  I decided to keep him.  He's such a wonderful addition to our family.  We love him so much. He's got 4 playmates here. And they all love each other. If it were up to probably had lot more!!! I cannot stand to see an animal without a home!!! 



Adopted: 12/9/22

Pet's Old Name: Gandalf

Pet's New Name: Marley

A few words about your furry: 

Oh, we are blessed to have adopted Gandalf . His new name is Marley,, which was given to him by the grand kids.. Best cat ever.

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Adopted: 5/19/23

Pet's Old Name: Frenchie

Pet's New Name: Stella

A few words about your furry: 

Frenchie who is now known as Stella has been a wonderful addition to our family.  From the day we picked her up from your facility in Lynchburg and made the 2.5 hr trek home, she was a trusting little soul from the get go. Stella acclimated to life in the country quickly with her 4 year older sister, and loves to explore her large fenced in yard, occasionally barking at the horses (or big dogs as we call them) adjacent to our property.  She is 6 months old now, and is wide open from the time she hops out of bed until she hunkers down for an evening of rest. Her favorite toys are her squeaky Fox, a frisbee and her chew bones.  Occasionally she dips her head into the dirty clothes basket to retrieve socks, to which her name then becomes No or Stop! Stella is a schnauzer lab mix, has the playful personality of lab and the feistiness of a schnauzer not realizing she is little and is built like a Mack truck with her muscular frame only at a mere 18 pounds at 6 months of age.  In her case, size doesn’t matter! Her favorite thing is to snuggle most particularly when the sun comes up as she is definitely a morning pup!  Loves her bath time, but doesn’t like cleanliness for very long as she tends to find something in the yard to roll around in quickly. We look forward to many years with little Stella Bella and quickly found out that we didn’t rescue her, but she rescued us. Thank you Friends of Animals for allowing us to welcome Stella (formerly Frenchie) into our lives and into our home.

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Adopted: 5/20/22

Pet's Old Name: Frannie

Pet's New Name: Frannie

A few words about your furry: 

Hi everyone! My name is Mikayla and my family adopted Frannie back in May this year and she is doing great! We have two cats and three boys ages 9months, 3 years, and 6 years, and she is sweet and patient with all of them. She learns tricks so quickly and already knows how to spin, sit, and lie down. She loves to gives kisses and she pees a little from excitement when she meets new people! I have attached some recent photos of her. Thank you for allowing us to add Frannie to our family! 


The McKelveys



Adopted: 10/30/23

Pet's Old Name: Pippa

Pet's New Name: Dot

A few words about your furry: 

First day was a name change--look closely over her right eye and you will see about 25 white hairs making a "dot".---Pippa is now Dot-----And it seems she loves the shortened name-----It was obvious from the beginning she loved her new home. Three acres she could run, play and explore and a nice warm house she could come to and sleep in freezing weather. It took no "period of adjustment" for her to become part of the family. She is very smart, obedient and loves to play games, especially toss and return. It's fair to say she fully knows and recognizes she has been "rescued" and is extremely grateful.....and true, her new family is just as grateful to have her. 



Adopted: 11/15/22

Pet's Old Name: Goose

Pet's New Name: Goose

A few words about your furry: 

Goose has been a true blessing and best friend in our home. He took to my daughter and myself quite quickly. He is so funny to watch play, constantly on the move. He's a toe biter at night. Lol. His favorite toys are foil balls and lasers. He doesnt much care for bells. He also loves baths.  

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Marissa & Tiger

Adopted: 6/24/23

Pet's Old Name: Marissa & Tiger 

Pet's New Name: Marissa & Tiger 

A few words about your furry: 

Marissa is the bestest kitty. We call her Mama most of the time cause she’s such a good lil mama kitty. She loves to play outside with her baby (Tiger) and the other outdoor kitties. She’s very well mannered and also teaches her kitten manners, which is sometimes funny. She loves playing on her cat trees and plays very well with her kitten. She is a bit of a mama’s girl but she loves her human daddy too  

Tiger is such a funny lil feller. He gets the zombies and gets wild. He loves to play outside and has a lil outdoor kitty that is his gf.. she is a kitten as well and they are so cute together! He loves to play with his mama (Marissa) and has recently learned how to give her a bath lol. He is also very affectionate and will lay flat on his back for belly rubs every morning before it’s time for him to eat  he’s a daddy’s boy all the way, but always comes to his human mama for morning belly rubs. He also loves to jump and play on the cat trees with his mama. Him and his mama have definitely brought a lot of joy into our home 

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Adopted: 7/13/23

Pet's Old Name: Presley

Pet's New Name: Sox

A few words about your furry: 

We’ve changed his name to Sox, but he’s been by my side every day, running up to me when I get home, sleep right next to me every night. He is the sweetest boy ever have! Thank you for the opportunity to have such an amazing cat in me life!  

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Adopted: 9/4/21

Pet's Old Name: 

Pet's New Name: Puddin

A few words about your furry: 

We adopted Puddin when he was only a few months old from FoA, and he’s the best boy! He’s infamous at home for his wagging tail and happy kisses. We’re so grateful to FoA for giving us our precious Puddin at just the right time!

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Adopted: 8/29/23

Pet's Old Name: Annie

Pet's New Name: Annie

A few words about your furry: 

Annie is doing fantastic, she is a wonderful fit to our family .  All of our fur babies accepted her from day one.

Furever Home Story

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